We love the sports and fitness industry, it's full of great people with big ideas. That's why we work with the industries smallest and largest businesses (and individuals) to get their brands looking good and working hard.


logos and branding,
print design, web design


Mobile, tablet, and desktop
websites and shops


Branding, rebranding and brand
updates for businesses and individuals


Social media design,
strategy and process


Posters, flyers, banners,
wall graphics, signage


Clothing, products, 
packaging and merchandise

How we do it

We make the time to get together in person to hear all about your business or idea. We've learnt that sharing that passion is the only way to build a strong and successful brand, and we get better results, quicker. Great work never comes from a click and order design service, we prefer to work together

The best thing about the sports and fitness industry is our community, Rivington Delancey are part of it. We understand that launching and growing a business is hard work at the beginning, so if you're just starting out and need our help then talk to us about our skills exchange payment system.

To stand out in the crowd it takes consistent hard work and attention to detail. When we're talking about your brand or product then we call that focus 'craft'. Rivington Delancey add that extra level of care and attention to detail to the brands we work with, to make sure they attract attention.